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All the results of the participants learning has been through different channels.

In short , the plan of spreading all the results along the project was :

In the blog we describe the results of the mobilities , all the activities implemented by our school.and the dissemination of these as well as the European internalization of the school .

The Erasmus +section in the webpage of the school showing all the results of this project and the rest of the project.

Experiences of learning during the whole project on the page of Facebook in the school, and also sharing all the publications of our patners.

We have spread it to parents and the rest of the educative community in meetings at the beginning and at the end of the project through the parents association of the school. .

Finally our project has been disseminating in all the meetings and future meetings organized by our Teachers Training Centre. Here we have projects dissemination meetings to encourage the 49 schools of the county.


The evaluation has been corried out through different questionaries sent by the Polish team published in our blog and also through our students comments.